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Real Change Is Happening Here

“When it came time, God opened my ears. There is a way out. I’m building a community of recovery at Restore that I know will continue after this place. We don’t just focus on the drug and alcohol problem, we focus on the deeper problem to its core. A more permanent fix. An everlasting fix. And that is through Jesus Christ.”

“As we pulled up to the street and I saw the Restore building from a distance, I thought there had to be a catch. Right when I stepped in the front door, I was embraced by people who truly care. I’ve never felt this kind of love. It’s a different kind of love. And it’s different because the Holy Spirit is in this place. It’s really remarkable.”

“I remember my mom having a conversation with me and saying ‘where is my son?’. I knew that there was something better for me. There are so many things about Restore that are God-centered, especially the love and community. It doesn’t feel like a program, it feels like a family.”

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