Individualized Aftercare

Our focus and effort is placed on life after treatment.

We see every man in our program as unique and focus their care according to their specific needs. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to addiction recovery. Men benefit from 1-1 counseling, mentorship, and financial coaching. In addition, we personally help each man prepare for life outside of our walls upon leaving and follow up even after they have left.

Individualized Care While In Recovery

  • 1-1 counseling from licensed, Christian counselors for the FULL 12 months of our residential program
  • A gradual transition back into the workforce beginning in Phase 2, with coaching available to teach responsibility and commitment
  • Personalized relationship restoration beginning in Phase 2. Support and encouragement on how to handle Family Days and possible home visit triggers (as needed).
  • 1-1 mentorship opportunity beginning in Phase 3 with weekly meetings with a life coach
  • 1-1 financial coaching beginning in Phase 3 to teach principles such as saving, tithing, budgeting, how to pay off debt, and other basic banking principles
  • We work with each man individually to help prepare him for launch and ensure he has all the tools needed for success and long-term sobriety outside of our walls

Individualized Care To Prepare For Launch

  • Finance Course completed
  • Tax return preparation and filing as needed
  • Driver's License renewal as needed
  • GED diploma assistance as needed
  • Help in finding a place to live and well-paying job as needed
  • Aftercare support including monthly follow up "check-ins"

Real Transformation Is Possible.

3 Ways You Can Help



We believe in the power of prayer. Our prayer program pairs each resident with a volunteer who commits to praying for him on a weekly basis during the duration of his stay. Want to partner with us in this impactful way?

Join Our Prayer Team



Join us in our mission to help men struggling with addiction find hope and lasting transformation through Christ. View our current volunteer needs below. If you have a specific way you'd like to be involved that is not included, please let us know!

Volunteer Needs



Although the men provide about 65% of the funds needed for their stay through our Community Partner Program, we depend on generous individuals, churches, and businesses to provide the rest.  Your support will go towards the men in the program and help provide basic living needs, curriculum materials, and other recovery needs.

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