Residential Program Overview

Our Residential Program

Our 12-month program is available to men with a deep desire and commitment to change, regardless of their ability to pay. All that is needed to join is a willingness to change. We are about more than helping men "get sober". We want to prepare men for long-term sobriety outside of our walls and help them experience real life transformation that can last for a lifetime.

We offer a full continuum of care all in one location where the months are split into what we refer to as the 4 Phases of Transformation -- Foundation, Discovery, Application, and Launch. Residents live at our facility where they benefit from 24/7 coordinator staff support.

We believe that by completing our full 12-month program, men will be well equipped to integrate back into the "real" world with all of the tools and learning needed to experience real, lasting change. In addition to being sober, we want to see men transformed with a new passion and purpose for living. Our goal is for each man to graduate our 12-month program with a better understanding of their true purpose in Christ, increased confidence in their value, a safe place to live, a well-paying job, and an ongoing support network.

Our Facility Includes

  • Safe housing on a beautiful, private property with dorm-style rooms
  • Open green space for walking, a full basketball court, outdoor eating areas
  • Full-service kitchen to cook and serve 3 meals per day and a snack/beverage cart with 24/7 access
  • A fully-equipped exercise room for all-access use
  • Clothing or other personal items as needed
  • And more...

Services We Offer

  • Practical life coaching through skills-development classes
  • Life-enriching classes including cooking, guitar lessons, and art
  • Biblically-based teaching
  • 24/7 trained, coordinator support
  • 1-1 and Group Counseling from licensed, Christian counselors
  • Transportation in accordance with treatment needs - including transportation to/from the work site
  • Nutrition Course
  • Finance Course - saving, tithing, basic banking principles, managing debt and taxes, and how to best track and budget your personal spending
  • Tax return preparation and filing as needed
  • Driver's License renewal as needed
  • GED diploma assistance as needed
  • Dental and Physical Exams as needed
  • Aftercare support
  • And more...
"Now, I am able to put my faith and trust in Jesus rather than in myself or drugs. I am no longer enslaved to drugs and eager to continue to pursue Christ and sobriety as I launch back into the real world”.
– Jason H, former graduate

Are You Ready For Recovery?

Schedule Overview

The First 30 Days

Phase 1 - where recovery begins

The purpose of the Foundations Phase is to move men from a place of instability to stability. A clear mind is necessary to make important decisions for the next 11 months of their recovery journey. The schedule is narrowly structured to allow for focus.

Example Daily Schedule

Months 2-12

Split Into Phases 2,3, & 4

The purpose of the Discovery, Application, and Launch Phases are to encourage life-changing learning, develop healthy habits, restore broken relationships, and gain work experience. The goal is to experience the fullness of life God originally designed and help prepare men to enter back into the real world.

Example Daily Schedule
3 Ways You Can Help



We believe in the power of prayer. Our prayer program pairs each resident with a volunteer who commits to praying for him on a weekly basis during the duration of his stay. Want to partner with us in this impactful way?

Join Our Prayer Team



Join us in our mission to help men struggling with addiction find hope and lasting transformation through Christ. View our current volunteer needs below. If you have a specific way you'd like to be involved that is not included, please let us know!

Volunteer Needs



Although the men provide about 65% of the funds needed for their stay through our Community Partner Program, we depend on generous individuals, churches, and businesses to provide the rest.  Your support will go towards the men in the program and help provide basic living needs, curriculum materials, and other recovery needs.

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