About Us

Our History


Founded in 2017, Restore Addiction Recovery began when a father and a pastor knew more had to be done about the drug, alcohol, and opioid crisis destroying the lives of individuals, families, and communities. They felt that God’s love and healing needed to reach into the darkest corners of our community, and they envisioned a safe and welcoming place where drug and alcohol addiction could be holistically treated. They felt the biggest gap in addiction recovery is long-term, residential care. The focus has never been on funding, but rather on each individual man who walks through our doors. Our founder took a step back to look at what recovery model is best for each man and what type of program can take a man from a point of addiction to a point of freedom in Christ.


Preparation began to design and build a brand, new facility that would feel like a home rather than an institution or a hospital. The county donated 18 acres of beautiful, private property just south of Akron, Ohio.


With the love, support, and commitment from all of our construction partners, our building was completed and ready to open.


Our 15,000 sq/ft, 60-bed facility opened to men struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction with a deep desire to change.


Restore Addiction Recovery offers a long-term, residential addiction treatment and recovery program that is Christ-centered, Biblically-based, and clinically-supported to transform the lives of those struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction.

Our Mission

To provide compassionate, individualized care and life-changing truth which empowers men struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction to restore their relationship with God.

Our Vision

To train, coach and inspire individuals, families and communities to live the life God always intended by developing a Christ centered, biblically based and clinically supported organization committed to addiction-free living through the transformational power of Jesus Christ in partnership with God’s Word.

Our Purpose

We want everyone to experience the abundant life that God desires for us.

"The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly." John 10:10

Our Core Values of Transformation

1. Commitment to God

2. Relationship with others

3. Honesty and authenticity

4. willingness to learn

5. gratitude and thankfulness

6. courage and faith

7. work ethic and stewardship

Our Approach To Addiction Recovery Is Unique.

3 Ways You Can Help



We believe in the power of prayer. Our prayer program pairs each resident with a volunteer who commits to praying for him on a weekly basis during the duration of his stay. Want to partner with us in this impactful way?

Join Our Prayer Team



Join us in our mission to help men struggling with addiction find hope and lasting transformation through Christ. View our current volunteer needs below. If you have a specific way you'd like to be involved that is not included, please let us know!

Volunteer Needs



Although the men provide about 65% of the funds needed for their stay through our Community Partner Program, we depend on generous individuals, churches, and businesses to provide the rest.  Your support will go towards the men in the program and help provide basic living needs, curriculum materials, and other recovery needs.

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