Location & Facility

Restore's grounds in Lakemore, Ohio under construction.

The Grounds

Restore Addiction Recovery is set on 18 acres of beautiful, private property in Lakemore, Ohio. This peaceful atmosphere is key to creating a safe and welcoming environment for participants as they begin their recovery journey. Free of drugs, alcohol, and other distractions, our location is ideal for fostering healing, rest, and growth.

The Facility

Our 15,000 sq/ft facility will purposefully separate those in the 30-Day Foundation (on the lower level) from those in the 11-Month Transformation (on the upper level). Each living area includes a full-service kitchen, dining space, meeting rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry. The facility also includes a Wellness & Weights room filled with exercise machines, equipment, and foosball / ping-pong tables. On the upper level,  there will also be staff offices and conference rooms separated from the rest of the facility.

Building Progress

Restore building with walls and roof under construction

Our construction crew is currently wrapping up roofing, electrical work, and interior sprinkler systems. Next, work will begin on exterior stone accent walls and interior drywall.

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As a Christ-centered, Biblically based, and clinically supported model for addiction recovery, we are creating an innovative solution for the current opioid- and substance-abuse crisis. With guidance and support from a network of strategic advisors, Restore Addiction Recovery’s treatment model is positioned to make a lasting impact in Summit County and Northeast Ohio, as we help change the trajectory of this tragic story.

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There are several ways to partner with Restore Addiction Recovery and become active in supporting the solution to the substance abuse crisis. Contact us to discuss opportunities for construction needs, ongoing fundraising, training, education, and outreach in your specific community.

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Our goal is to raise the final $600,000 towards our $3.3M building fund in order to complete and open our facility debt-free. We continue to be blessed by the many contributions of individuals, organizations, churches, and cost reductions from our construction partners in order to help us reach this goal.

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